…I offer 90 minute consulting sessions ($222) …where you can pick my brain about various life/ business topics…

This is where we sit down and figure it out together and make it practical AF.

Things we might strategise on in our session;

(Consious) Business building
Ethical selling
Content creation
Program development
Your message for the world
Finding your flow – Creating your personal flow of life plan
Creating a safe, fun, inspirational household

It will involve a call, via Zoom, which can be recoreded.

Perfect for you; when just want to nut out a single idea or issue and get a clear and practical aligned plan/strategy, you can follow. & off you go!!!

These sessions are always really special and I’d be thrilled to connect with you in this way.

Simply use the button below to purchase your session and within 48 hours, I’ll be contacting you to schedule our call.

I.Can’t. Wait 🤍