For me, a clear sign when something is off, is when I feel something is off. You feel me? You know exactly what I’m talking about…the feeling you get, when something doesn’t give you that supercalifragalistic feeling.

That feeling, let’s talk about that feeling in our businesses, specifically in ‘our marketing’. That intuitive supercalifragalistic feeling
Did you know that there are 3 energy categories being used in Marketing?
  1. Physical Energy Trigger

We are all familiar with de Dinosour way of doing business, right?

​​We’ve all learned it, while we were building our business.

​​You know, the energy that’s created and it’s all based on FOMO, and scarcity, things being said like: You’ve to decide within 24 hrs or the price doubles, ‘This offer end within 2 hrs’. You want want to miss this….the feeling is being created, that you are a fool if you’ll miss out on the deal.​

These words and energy, triggers our reptilian brain and create a feeling of insecurity if we don’t participate or decide. And participating is a relief. 

The pitfall of this can be that you attract people who are not yet ready to do the work themselves and therefore want to be ‘saved’.

This category is a pitfall for you as an entrepreneur, to resort to these techniques if you feel scarcity and you now need customers to pay your bills.


2. Mental Energy Trigger

These are the rational triggers, such as:

“We have already helped X people.”

“We are the trusted experts in the market”. ( Take a look at our 500 testimonials )

“My training contains 82 videos, 12 coaching calls and 1 live day.”

This categorie triggers, the piece of logic in us so that we can explain and approve an investment. That it seems realistic etc. 

Basically, we can justify the investment to ourselves.

The pitfall of this can be that you attract too many ‘main’ people who are not yet ready to undergo a really deep transformation. 

Or people who just want to know the ‘how’ all the time and stay stuck on the rational issues.

The pitfall for you as an entrepreneur can be that you are too busy with techniques such as SEO.

Doing your marketing for a robot where all humanity is out of the window and just keep counting keywords, hashtags and throwing them all over your site while you lose the real connection. 

And the third is the one I wanna talk about today​…How to use your energy and intuition to grow your business….oh yess the supercalifragalistic way.

Here goes….​

3. Intuitive Energy Trigger

This category resonate on the emotional layer.

This category, responds to our intuition and our soul resonates deeply with it.

These 3 categories each have their own frequency and so they will attract other types of people as well.

Most of my followers and clients, and probably you too, are largely intuitive decision makers. And I’m willing to bet that your ideal soul clients will also mostly fall into category 3. 

Does this mean that you can no longer use those other strategies?

No, definitely not.
( and that’s still your decision)

My overal experience is that it sometimes is necessary to call out the BS someone is telling themselves and I do that in a blog or even on a matchcall ( We all need a mentor/ coach sometimes, to break through our BS layers )

​For me it’s important they make an aligned an empowered decision for themselves. 

What I can also tell you; if you only apply category 1&2 you will become unhappy in your own marketing (or you are already there) and you will not attract your really ideal clients.

Question for you, to journal on; ‘What’s your most ​favorite way of doing your marketing ( read, being in marketing ) How would that look like for you? How does it make you feel, if you’ll find your absolute perfect aligned way to do your marketing? Isn’t this exciting?! 

I like speaking to my potential clients their soul, their desires, I like to do marketing this way, It makes me feel good, because I know, I’m using marketing to make a difference.

​​Not to impress you, but to impress upon you, that you have unprecedented potential, yess you are whole and complete, but not finished yet.

It is precisely those deep, loving, resonating and soul-feeding marketing and sales ‘strategies’ that are well taught in so few places. 


If you learn and apply this, you will get 100x more the clients you long for, not only that, your business becomes so much more fun!

Those ideal clients, resonate an a deeper level with their soul, they know themselves very well and are willing to invest in themselves, because deep down they feel that this is the path for them and are willing to do anything for it and above all they want to do this with YOU.

You only achieve that deep connection in category 3 and the results these clients achieve with you are EXTRAORDINARY.

Hope this was helpfull,