Amplify your being, your business and life upon a new paradigm and in doing so the world is lit up


 Amplify your being, your business and life upon a new paradigm and in doing so the world is lit up


Didn’t you start your business to fulfill your wildest desires?

To fully express your creativity, your art, your essence, YOU? 

Making an impact, but without sacrificing yourself, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed all the freakin time?

Making a difference, in your community?

And if you’re being completley honest with yourself right now….. you can’t help but realise and own, that THAT reality is WAY OFF right now…

The joy and freedom is no were to be found…maybe you are a bit bored?


You know that you can Be, Do and Receive everything you long for….

What if you let your desires guide you in everything you do from now on?

In your business? In your life?

Choosing you, in all areas of your life, so your life feels really supercalifragalistic good and you have a business that suits YOU.

That journey starts here 🤍


In a world where it sometimes seems freakishly impossible to be 100% yourself

living a life on your terms, believes, conditions and your idea of freedom

is learning how your intuition communicates with you, knowing how to calm your body and nervoussystem essential

– so you can walk the path of your own heart – 

leading and holding the CEO energy, so you can create the life and business you desire, the one you’ve always knew was possible.

Everything you ever wanted, already exist within you, I guide #AmbitiousSouls and #Trailblazers back to their primal intuition, so you can discern the BS from your own cool shit.

You don’t have a mindset-issue, you just haven’t learned to BE in your body, to lead your energy, control your nervoussystem and trust your intuition.

You can be completely YOU.

Successful in all areas

And that starts with 1:…..claiming who you truly are, by BEING in your body, leading your energy, control your nervoussystem and trust your intuition.

2. Then it’s time to infuse your business with your unique gifts. We’ll create a (new and aligned ) business and marketing soul strategie that suits you and off you go. ( hello more fulfillment, money and freedom)

Business and life on your terms

3. Receiving EVERYTHING you ever wanted

To your growth, your expansion + your inevitable evolution…

It starts here…

Hi, I am Moisha

I am an energetic leadership and embodiment teacher, but also a shadow worker, energy worker and an highly intuitive businesscoach.

I could share a bunch off stuff that would made me look ‘important’ or ‘successful’, but wat I really want you to know about me is that I deeply care about my human family. I care about their well BEING, their potential, their happiness. 

My mission is to inspire and lead the way for ambitious souls, through love, conscious content and being the best mom, wife and leader in this area possible.

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Love letters from clients

‘Moisha really takes you along in raising your frequency’

She knows better than anyone how to inspire you to be stronger than whatever is going on in your life. She really taught me to do the inner work first and to trust that the aligned action will come, and so it is.  Moisha IS the space in which I could experience my growth. Her energy alone is so inspiring… she simply touches the next most beautiful version of yourself, without words.

Heidi Westerveld

‘My revenue has tripled’

Working with Moisha, my business has become an 100% aligned business, I have more confidence in who I am and what I do. She taught me to tune in with my intuition, what I want and what I have to give. What is good for me is also good for my business. I experience also much more peace, more (self) love, more open-minded and now I really know that everything is possible, but it starts with making a desicion.

Marlies Schouten

‘Better yet; my revenue has increased and I have more confidence’

She made me feel and experience that I can run my business on my terms, without the expense of customers or revenue. Moisha has the gift of combining her skills as a business coach with attention to spirituality, awareness and entrepreneurship based on your own terms. Without being woowoo or vague, Moisha teaches you how to implement the tools that are nececary for creating a thriving business.  

Ingrid Schoonveld

‘I now run my business with a deep confidence of my soul, so liberating’

I have set up a first online intensive (paid), where participants have received wonderful, unforgettable experiences and powerful insights. Moisha has given me an incredible amount of practical tools to authentically inspire and guide others

Rozemarijn Hamelink

On a daily base I share my message, deep thoughts, my vision and parts of my life on Social Media. My favorite platforms to connect with my human family are Instagram and YouTube.

Feel free to reach out and say hi!